anatomy (plural: anatomies)

  1. The art of dissecting, or artificially separating the different parts of any organized body, to discover their situation, structure, and economy; dissection.
  2. The science which treats of the structure of organic bodies; anatomical structure or organization.
    Let the muscles be well inserted and bound together, according to the knowledge of them which is given us by anatomy. --Dryden.
    Animal anatomy is also called zomy or zootomy; vegetable anatomy, phytotomy; and human anatomy, anthropotomy.
    Comparative anatomy compares the structure of different kinds and classes of animals.
  3. A treatise or book on anatomy.
  4. The act of dividing anything, corporeal or intellectual, for the purpose of examining its parts; analysis; as, the anatomy of a discourse.
  5. A skeleton; anything anatomized or dissected, or which has the appearance of being so.

7 letters in word "anatomy": A A M N O T Y.

No anagrams for anatomy found in this word list.

Words found within anatomy:

aa am ama an ana anoa anomy ant anta any at atma atman atom atomy atony ay ayont ma maa man mana manat mano manta manto manty many mat maty may maya mayan mayo mna mo moa moan moat mon mona mony mot moy moya my myna na naam nam nat nay no nom noma not nota noy ny oat om on oy ta tam tan tana tao tay to tom toman ton tony toy toyman ya yam yo yom yon yont

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